I had a flying visit home this weekend to look after the lil' sis while the parents partied, some life I lead, huh. I thought I would show you the excessive amount of beauty products I shoved into my bag for the 24hr visit.

Skincare. To cleanse I took a little vial of micellar water (not pictured) and the Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser*, one of the only cleansers I have not packaged in glass and therefore easy to travel with. I also took the R.L. Linden Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist to tone and the Odacite BL + C oil to treat my one-too-many blemishes and my mini May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon to massage into any dry spots. I probably should have taken a moisturiser but couldn't find anything small enough to fit into my beloved "love" bag, ah well!

Makeup. Most of the room in my makeup bag was for makeup, funnily enough, as nothing comes in travel size! My base was the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream* as usual and for concealer I took my RMS Un cover up as it's a great match for the BB cream and doesn't require much effort to blend. I also took my RMS Un Powder as the BB cream is way too glowy for my liking and more on the side of greasy, but the coverage is so good that I put up with it. I used the one and only Real Techniques Buffing Brush for all of this as it's my soul-mate and nothing could replace it. I also packed my Lily Lolo liner, as standard and the 100% Pure Brow Gel along with two eco tools brushes for my brows. Lastly, I also threw in the Herbivore Botanicals Lip Butter to keep chapped lips at bay.

And that's all she wrote! I forgot to take a flannel with me which was near enough earth-shattering, but other than that my face survived! I could have probably done with some colour - a tinted lip balm or blush as I looked a little pasty but it was only family so who cares ;)

How much do you pack on a trip away?