I got'a problem & they gonna solve it... (I hope)

Since November my skin has turned from okay a few spots here and there, with scars here and there to an all out implosion of hormonal acne, pitted scars, terrible texture, lumps, bumps and furious purple marks galore all over my jaw. It's a treat. Really beautiful. Not really, I often cry over it. BUT let's move on, shall we? 

While I'm busy saving my pennies for the YULI Cell Perfecto PM, I've pulled out the three treatments that I currently have in my stash that may help treat, heal and fade the marks before it's too late. Fading acne scars is a long, slow process that can take months and months, even if the products you are using are harsh and full of un-natural ingredients. Cystic acne especially leaves deep, dark marks that are more than just surface flaws and leave layers and layers of skin tarnished below the surface. I believe it's better to take the gentle healing route as to not disturb my skin's own healing process, but just help it on the way... with the odd little kick up the bum too. ;)

Odacite Pa + G Serum Concentrate - I can't believe I have had this little 5ml bottle for so long now, at least 4 months. I use it very sparingly, a single drop just a few times a week on my breakouts. Papaya oil is very high in oleic acid (which I try to avoid) so I've found this oil leaves me greasy and just doesn't sink into skin at all, it does however still improve my skin and I notice when I wake up in the mornings that scars look less inflamed and blemishes are reduced (thanks to the natural exfoliating enzymes in papaya). 

True Nature Botanicals Topical Vitamin C Treatment* -  I use one capsule every 2-3 weeks and get 2 uses out of one capsule. I like using this on nights when I really don't want the feeling of greasy oils and serums on my skin. I mix the capsule with a water based serum or even just toner and apply to skin, it tingles for a few seconds and then everything settles down as the serum sinks in. My skin is left with a matte finish for once and come morning I'm always amazed at how calm angry dark marks appear and how bright my complexion looks, if only until I wash my face ha! I read somewhere a few days ago that vitamin C actually prevents scars from being so severe or forming all together (I can't remember the exact details) so I will try and remember to keep up regular treatments of this. 

Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum* - I have only used this a handful of times so far, but it's lovely to have a light, hydrating serum to use during the day. The serum uses anti-inflammatory 'vinanza oxifend' extracted from red grapes to reduce redness and melanin production. The serum also contains kiwi fruit enzymes to gently renew skin whilst aloe vera juice and red raspberry oil hydrate and soothe. 
This is an easy step to add into my morning routine to help fade my acne scars and help me on the way back to scar-free skin. Like Tesco would say... every little helps! ;)

Because I'm not using harsh skincare I can use all 3 of these products together in my routine without any side-effects, they're all gentle and leave my skin calm, cool and collected, not peeling, dry and breaking out out even more, the wonders of natural skincare, huh! 

How do you treat scarring?