Five Faves Friday - A curated, well-considered collection of recent loves, favourites and obsessions.

Pacific Balancing Face Oil. It is well documented how much I adore the True Nature Botanicals Face Oil, and so it should come as no surprise to you that I am also obsessed with their latest release, the Balancing Face Oil*. It is everything my problem skin looks for in a facial oil; light and easily absorbed, healing and blemish-busting. I have only used this a handful of times, but I already know this is something seriously special for problem skin. Stay tuned.

BE WELL Bodywash. Freshly launched on A Beautiful World, the PLANT body washes are finally here to inject a little fun into the bathroom! I can't get enough of that packaging! I have BE WELL* which is really perfect for this time of year with eucalyptus & bergamot, but GET HAPPY is on my list! The consistency is pretty liquid but they foam up well on a shower puff and the scent does linger for a little while once out of the shower (or bath).

Bare Unscented Shampoo. I've heard such amazing things about this John Masters shampoo that it was only a matter of time before this perpetually irritated scalp of mine had me caving and buying a bottle. I've used this twice so far this week and already my scalp and hair are improving and not as itchy as usual.

Trench Coat. This fur lined Pull & Bear number was a christmas sales purchase that was literally a military operation to get my mitts on! In the end, I had the help of Hephzibah and made it mine! It's really cosy and makes me feel pretty grown up wearing a classing trench, look at me, so fashionable...

Scandal. My newest TV obsession, Scandal! We're on season 3 already, about to start 4, because when it comes to things like this I get a little addicted and want to just binge watch until there's nothing left & I'm just a hollow shell on the sofa. Sadly Michael is pretty into this show too so I can't do that. We watch 2 (or 4 on a good day) episodes a day but even then I have to beg for the second. It's too good. Though I do roll my eyes at Olivia's relationship with the president, girl, stop that. Huck was my favourite until he went all YOLO on Quinn (I cried a little) so now I'm team Mellie. Does anyone else watch this show? Who's your fave? No spoilers for S4 in the comments, please ;)