I bring to you a special edition of Five Faves Friday this week, solely dedicated to great TV. Who doesn't love a good tv binge watch now we have easy access to the likes of Netflix, Now TV and the rest?!

Scandal. We are finally all caught up on Scandal after I featured it in my last Five Faves. (It's getting a little out of hand now, I mean, really?!) But is still as addictive as ever. I was gutted when we caught up as now I have to wait like everybody else to watch a new episode, the horror!

Brooklyn Nine Nine. This show is too funny. If you have only caught the odd few minutes here and there from channel flipping I suggest you take the time to watch it from the beginning (season 1 is on 4OD & Netflix I think) as it's hilarious, Rosa is my fave but it's one of those shows where you really do like every character.

The Walking Dead. This show causes me so much stress and the amount of times I've cried recently is ridiculous! I'm so glad it's back from mid-season break because I genuinely missed Rick & the gang, I even re-watched the whole lot over Christmas in preparation - super festive ;) Genuinely one of the most gripping TV shows on at the mo, and I'm not just saying that because I love the Zombie genre.

Parks & Recreation. I can't believe this show isn't shown in the UK? It's on it's final season in the US and I'm in serious denial. Leslie Knope AKA Amy Poehler is pretty much my spirit animal (If only I was as organised and able to create such beautiful binders) but who doesn't have a soft spot for Andy & April?? Nobody, that's who. If you like the US Office then you'll love this.

Game Of Thrones. I wasn't sure if I should include this yet as it's not technically back until April but it is one of our favourite shows. It always airs once The Walking Dead has finished so it fills that gap for a fantasy/nail-biting drama just nicely - plus it has dragons.

The Honourable Mentions

Chuck - I always put this on Netflix when all else fails, the finale breaks my heart all over again every. single. time.
Reign - I've started watching this during the day when I eat my lunch, it's about Mary Queen Of Scots and it's all very pretty and totally historically inaccurate.
The Casual Vacancy - A 3-part drama on BBC1 of J.K. Rowling's novel, so far it seems very true to the book and real good, I can't wait for part two this Sunday.
The Big Bang Theory - I feel like this show it starting to drop in quality but we still tune in for new episodes for an easy laugh.
Modern Family - One of my favourites, why wouldn't you love it?

What are you watching at the mo? I always need new recommendations!