Can you believe it's the end of February already and we're entering March? What. I swear it was just the beginning of January yesterday! Time going by quicker is definitely a sign of getting older I think. This month was an improvement on last month, even if I did spend a week of it ill! Nothing majorly exciting happened, I developed an obsession with lemon water & now regular water tastes bizarre. We also decided to book ourselves a little holiday for in May which I'm very excited about! Beauty-wise I've kept a nice simple skincare routine all month but had fun playing with new body products and experimenting with makeup a little more! But for now... onto the favourites that made the cut!

Charbrew Tea - Anyone who knows me will know I'm that odd person when offered a cup of tea or coffee will politely decline and ask for water instead. I don't know guys, tea just really tastes like soil to me. Sometimes though, you just really need a warm drink without having to resort to hot chocolate. I've been looking some fruit tea for awhile now that doesn't taste like watered down pee and finally, charbrew came to my aid! I admit it was the packaging that caught my eye on the shelf, but the interesting flavours helped too. I have Pineapple & Vanilla and Chocolate Orange flavours at the mo but will be trying other flavours as I go! Strawberry & Kiwi sounds right up my street. I picked the big box up from Holland & Barrets and the lil'un from Waitrose. 

True Nature Botanicals Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser* - I've been testing this cleanser since its launch and it's taken me quite some time to figure out the best way to use it. At first I was so excited I used it morning and night for a full week, it left my skin clean, refreshed and smooth but I totally overdid it in the end & my sensitive skin became a little sore from too much exfoliation. I took a step back and gave my skin some time to calm down before re-introducing this back into my routine as a 3-4 times a week cleanse just in the evenings. The cleanser is a grey-brownish gel with the smallest amount of grit from adzuki bean powder for a very fine exfoliation. It also contains a patented mushroom extract that is more effective at exfoliating than lactic acid, it is non-irritating (you know, except when you use it 14 times in 7 days like I did) and helps to refine skin texture and increase circulation. There's also chamomile, manuka honey and aloe to soothe and leave a calm complexion. I'm so glad I gave this a second chance as my skin feels so smooth afterwards and hopefully it is helping fade my blemish marks too. 

Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner* - I wrote an entire post on how much I rate this just a few days ago (see here) and nothing has changed since then. I've been using this daily to hydrate and keep at bay any dry, flaky skin plus to soothe any active blemishes I have. I feel I will have a hard time not including this in every beauty favourites for the foreseeable future!

Metta Skincare Lavender Body Butter* - Another product I raved about this week (I've been on a roll, clearly) ((see the post here)) is this body butter. Butter being the key factor here as this is a truly buttery product. It melts into an oil on the skin and nourishes deeply with shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed and jojoba. Plus is smells DIVINE. What more could you need? 

What have been your faves this month? Do you have any fruit tea recommendations for me, pretty please??