DIY Easy Dry Shampoo

If you've ever wanted your hair smell of chocolate, then this is the DIY for you. If you're not keen on the idea of your hair smelling of chocolate, don't worry it doesn't last forever and it's worth it because this is an amazing dry shampoo! 

It's so simple I feel silly even writing out a method and 'ingredients' list as you only need two ingredients! The tint comes from raw cacao powder which is actually a superfood! Raw cacao, unlike cocoa, is unprocessed and full of nutrients, minerals and is really, really high in antioxidants (over 200% more). As you would expect it's really good for your insides but will also promote a healthy head of hair too! 

The second ingredient in my dry shampoo is cornflour, this helps to absorb oils, mattify hair and add plenty of volume! This is an easy ingredient to get your hands on, but arrowroot powder is another option if you see it in the baking isle. 

To make the dry shampoo:
For the best tint for dark hair I use a 2:1 ratio; two teaspoons of cacao and one teaspoon of cornflour! Mix and store in a small jar (even better if you have an old sifter jar going spare!). 

To apply:
I find the fastest way to apply is to dip my fingertips into the mixture and apply directly to roots, leave for a minute or so then massage the scalp and rough up the hair to dissapate the powder, then brush and be on your way! easy. 
You can also use an old makeup brush (we all have plenty lying around) to press the powder onto your roots before brushing through. 

This is a tinted dry shampoo for brown and auburn hair, if your hair is blonde I would skip the cacao all together and just use cornflour or arrowroot mixed with some essential oils to scent hair. 

Will you be trying this DIY?