I'm not sure if I mention it enough (ha) but last year I finally graduated university with a degree in Fine Art. It was hard work and even though I hated it at times I would definitely do it all again. I thrive in an education environment and being surrounded by fellow creatives gave me the push and inspiration I needed to create my own work.
Since graduating I haven't created a single new piece of art and this has made me sad. I feel I am creative constantly with my blog and Nouvelle, but it's not quite the same. I feel like I'm wasting the four years of my life I just spent a lot of money on and want to try and be more productive to change that.

Write more. So not necessarily picking up a paintbrush, but a pen. I love writing and my lovely boyfriend recently bought me this 642 Things To Write About book which I really want to start filling in! I've not started yet as I have new page jitters (that feeling when you get a pretty new notebook but don't want to ruin it with your terrible handwriting, anyone?) It has all sorts of prompts and questions and hopefully will get me out of my comfort zone for just writing for this blog and get my creative juices flowing!

Make more. Unless I'm drawing a bowl of fruit, my drawing skills are pretty lacking so I tend to create instead of draw. I'm a mixed media artist don't cha know. I don't want to make any more line drawings, at least not for now, so instead a few days ago I dug out all of my old felt making materials and attempted to make something. I want to learn some basic embroidery techniques for an idea I have too. I have a few ideas and want to push myself to actually create instead of just thinking about creating.

Are you a creative person?