The world of natural and non-toxic nail polishes is a surprising one - in that it is so impressive and consistently on-par with the other side. I am yet to use a natural nail polish and be disappointed, (I use the term natural lightly as I do not think it is possible to find a truly natural nail polish... yet.) colour payoff, lasting time and chip resistance is always great.

The AILA polish in Pfff Ugggh is another great find, and also possibly has one of the best names for a shade of polish to date. AILA is exclusive to Beauteabar and each polish costs $17. The packaging is beautiful, presented in a super heavy, luxe square glass bottle. The brush is on the small side but I had no problems painting my nails in two-three swipes, drying time was also excellent - I was seriously impressed with this most of all - and two coats was all it took for a perfectly opaque, even finish.
I've applied a topcoat to enhance shine and longevity (I didn't apply a basecoat oops!) and so far, 24 hours in there isn't any serious signs of wear.

The shade itself is described as a warm grey and I would agree. It reminds me of a darker Nails Inc Porchester Square, with less purple and more beige. It's pretty sophisticated if I do say so myself.

Have any of my American readers tried AILA before?