Who doesn't love a little luxury? I sure do, this girl has expensive taste. Maybe it's the fancy packaging, maybe I'm just easily woo'ed, who knows. Blogging leads to excessive wanting very easily & I've been so, so good recently, only buying things I genuinely needed. But still that doesn't stop me window shopping, reading blogs and pining for the currently/forever unobtainable.

La Bella Figura Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil - LBF recently launched a few select products in the UK exclusively at Content. I was a little underwhelmed with the four products as they all seemed very similar, 3 serums and an eye serum so I can't wait for a few more products to pass the EU regulations, their makeup most importantly & the face masks ;)
However, I am of course still interested in their cult Barbary Fig Seed Oil (AKA Prickly Pear), high in linoleic acid it sounds a real treat for my skin. At £75 for 30ml though, I'd need to be high on a lottery win to justify purchasing this anytime soon ;)

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - I've never read a single bad review for this enzyme-rich cleansing gel, it's pretty much reached cult status, and am keen to give it a go myself. A thick pink gel that transforms into an oil - it is rich in pumpkin enzymes, every vitamin under the sun and starflower oil. Sounds dreamy, no?

May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden - It's hard to include a May Lindstrom product in any wishlist without feeling like you're leaving the rest of her range out, am I crazy?! I just want it all and narrowing it down to a current must-have is a tough one. We all know I'm toner and facial mist mad though, so The Jasmine Garden is an obvious choice. It sounds  dreamy and would probably send me off to sleep in .5 seconds flat.

Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1 - I've tried a small sample of this mask and it was skin-changing. It soothed the redness and refined the texture of my skin in just minutes and I can image long-term benefits would be even better for my blemish prone skin. It contains a whole host of beautiful ingredients; safflower, bentonite clay, abyssinian oil, mango butter and many more. 

Strange Beautiful 'Crane' Nail Polish duo - A new brand discovery for me, Strange Beautiful creates strangely beautiful nail duo's, they're 5-free and the shades are so unique. I really like 'crane' and the two purple shades are right up my street - a little shimmer and then something darker and more mysterious. 

Yuli Skincare Cell Perfecto PM - Saving the best and most coveted for last we have Cell Perfecto PM. After reading the reviews (Jade most definitely sold me most of all with her before & after pics) I couldn't not want this for my skin. The bottom half of my face is peppered with dark purple and red scars from a recent, seriously evil breakout (that's still going on), Cell Perfecto PM is an advanced corrective serum to fade hyperpigmentation, correct dark marks and heal acne scars. Time-released and oxygen-activated ingredients actually work to remodel scar tissue (if you have ice-pick type scarring or indented skin from severe cystic blemishes this is for you) and heal the skin. 
This is different to any brightening serum that I have come across - it goes so much beyond just brightening dark marks - and it's no wonder I'm dying to buy this. If I save £10 a week for two months.. it could be mine? ;)

What's on your wishlist?