A new year always brings a renewed determination to pull myself together and pull my little blogging socks up! This year is different than all the others as I'm no longer a student and don't have the pressure of looming deadlines to drag me away (into the depths of despair). As a result I'm feeling really positive about my space on the web and looking forward to posting consistently and growing my blog in all different ways. 

I've been brainstorming, planning and writing lists, scheduling content and taking steps to make myself more organised and work focused. I've even bought a weekly planner in desk pad form, guys, this is serious. 
My new blog posting plan is a new post everyday for 3 days then a break for a day, I had so many ideas written down that I'd be months in advance if I posted less, but didn't want to take on the pressure of blogging everyday just yet. 

I have also set myself some small goals for the next few weeks:
Blog every planned day. I'm usually pretty good with planning my content but then don't actually write or take the photographs and my ideas never leave my notebook. I've set myself the goal to actually write and publish my planned blog posts on the day I originally planned with obvious room for switching posts around and spontaneous posts. 

Get Ahead. A big help in sticking to the goal above is to get ahead and schedule my posts. This doesn't work for everyone but is my preferred method when blogging. I want to be 1 post ahead of schedule by the end of the week, 2 the week after etc, etc. There's no need to rush and if I can get more scheduled then bonus!

Nouvelle. Much like my first goal I want to stick with my planned posts for Nouvelle. I often get way too adventurous and realise that the post idea was awful or if it's a recipe/DIY that my recipe was an absolute disaster (same goes for my DIY skills). I want to make sure I keep up with my posts for Nouvelle, on time and everything ;) 

Tidy up the blog. I also would really love to take some time to organise my blog to make it easier to find old posts. I was thinking of creating something in the sidebar to highlight posts better that I can change myself, as the blogger widgets are terrible, and an archive page with images, similar to what A Beautiful Mess have at the bottom of their site... but theirs is fancy html & mine will have to be created by hand, what joy ;) 

Do you have any blog goals in 2015?