It's really important to take care of yourself. Not in the regular ways like keeping you teeth in & check making sure you eat healthily, but in ways that make you feel good about yourself and feel content and happy.

There's enough negativity in the world and we don't need anymore. It's easy to feel crappy about yourself, it's easy to have a bad day when everything goes wrong, but it's harder to cheer yourself up when those bad days get you down. Sometimes all you want to do is sulk and hey, that's okay, I do that too, often, but it's also important to make time for yourself to be happy, no matter how busy your schedule is.

As Ron would say, don't let the muggles get you down, mate.

I've written a little list of things I do that make me happy, just as a personal reminder that I have plenty of good things in my life, even if they're just small things, and you should do the same.

  1. Hanging out with Penny (or any animals in general)
  2. Baths
  3. Eating out
  4. Spending £6 on a tub of Booja Booja ice cream
  5. Binge watching TV shows
  6. Netflix & Amazon Instant Video
  7. Good books
  8. Our south facing flat which gets ALL the sunshine
  9. Baking (and eating) cakes
  10. Going new places
  11. Hot water bottles
  12. Getting post
  13. Visiting galleries
  14. Perfectly ripe nectarines
  15. Watching thunder & lightning

Do you take note of the little things?