When I first caught eyes on the Petit Vour Holiday Box last month it took approximately 0.3 seconds to decide that I wanted it, and luckily, I knew my poor boyfriend hadn't any idea what to get me for christmas so I not-so-subtly suggested this ;) 
I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time for christmas but it showed up 2 days before, perfect! Though I did still have to wait until christmas to open it up! bah humbug!

For those who haven't heard of Petit Vour before, it's an american beauty box service with only cruelty free and natural brands. I've seen a lot of my fellow bloggers talking about their boxes for months now and have wanted to try a box for ages. They did ship their monthly boxes to the UK for an extra cost but they've sadly cancelled that service and now only Limited Edition boxes are available for international delivery. 

The box itself contains 7 items, at first I (and quite a few others) thought the box contained all full sized products as the wording and descriptions on the site were very unclear (they have since changed this). This is of course what sold me on the box and had I of known exactly what was full size and what was not I may not have asked for the box for christmas. It's still a great box but I did feel like the wool had been pulled over my eyes with marketing & poor wording. 

Inside the box was:

Aster + Bay Dandelion Face Grains (sample size worth $9.50) I've wanted to try Aster + Bay for a long time so was really pleased to see this brand in the box. I've only used these once but they're very gentle yet still effective.

R.L. Linden & Co Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist (sample size worth $16) Another exciting american brand I've had my eye on, especially this mist! It smells divine and makes a beautiful toner. I'm going to be SO sad when this is used up, I'm trying to go easy but... just... one... more... spritz! 

One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil (sample worth $7.50) A little naive of me to think I would be getting this product full sized in the box! Wishful thinking huh. It smells exactly like the cleansing oil, sweet pineapples.

Gressa Aux Rouge Lip Boost (full size $26) I'm really excited to also finally try Gressa! Their foundation is causing quite the stir at the moment & I'm considering a purchase with some christmas money, someone stop me! This Lip Boost is a seriously pigmented cherry red shade & I'm smitten. 

Jing Ai Sierra Glow Duo & Kabuki brush (full sizes $28 + $22) OMG this kabuki brush is AMAZING. Its the softest brush I own and perfect for applying setting powder and mineral foundation. I haven't gotten around to using the blush yet as I've barely worn makeup this past week, but it looks a pretty shade. 

Georgie Beauty Faux Lashes & Non-toxic clear adhesive (full sizes $18 + $8) I have literally never ever worn false lashes, I don't think they'd go to well with my glasses, but I'll keep these as you never know.

Total $135 (also known as £88) 
The box cost $45 + $15 shipping  

All in all a great box and I'm really pleased to own some products I've always wanted to try and discover a great new brush to add to my collection. I'm still miffed about thinking the facial mist & body oils were full size, but I'll get over it ;)

Have you tried Petit Vour? What did you think of this box?