I've been looking for inspiration in unlikely places lately, namely Tumblr and Pinterest (so not that unlikely for most of you but they're two of my accounts that are often left forgotten). I don't know about you but it's hard to keep up and keep track of 8 trillion different accounts on different websites, sharing, pinning, reblogging. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my bloglovin' feed. I prefer to focus on a few places more consistently, such as twitter and instagram than spreading myself too thin over more.

However you can't deny that Pinterest is a place of beauty and half an hour on there is half an hour well spent. I've pencilled it into my notebook now to check this place at least once a week, and when my weekly planner arrives I be able to remind myself easier. My own pinterest was abandoned for awhile and I spent some time pinning away on the Nouvelle account, it's much prettier than my own now ;) But! I've smartened it up, rearranged and deleted some boards and it's looking pretty swell. I have a problem about re-pinning cats, but other than that.. you're welcome to follow me for one too many lovely desk arrangements, boho bedrooms and food photography that makes me weep with envy.

Desk images from pinterest .. original sources hard to find but I tried // one & two

As for tumblr... I had an amazing tumblr account a few years ago that I stupidly deleted one day and now I will never not be bitter about my impulse decision! this is why I refuse to make decisions! Anyway, I made a new account last year when I was looking for a place to gather artist inspiration for my degree. I follow and reblog a lot of gorgeous photography and art but I still couldn't stop myself being swallowed whole by the fandom community and I try to take it easy on the parks & rec and Brooklyn nine nine gifs. ha! If you want to take a little peek at my Tumblr page, click here.

I've realised it ridiculous to limit yourself to certain platforms, no matter what others may say or think and if I want to pin, I will pin and reblog whenever I please! 
The trouble with places like P&T is that you lose all track of time and leave feeling a little worse about your cream walls and un-pinterestable desk ;) 

Do you use Tumblr or Pinterest? leave your links below!