Well, I suppose if you're getting technical winter is HERE, it's even been snowing in some places I hear, but I still couldn't resist naming my little 3 part winter series "Winter is coming" because at least winter means we're one step closer to Game Of Thrones returning, yesss!

Today we're starting with skincare, tomorrow is makeup... you get the idea. Now at the rate I've been complaining and sobbing over it I'm sure you'll all know my skin is a hormonal MESS. Literally no idea what to do but I'm avoiding going to the doctors as I really don't want to be given antibiotics.
I'm keeping my skincare as simple as possible as my face plain old hurts and I foresee it being this way for at least another month or two.
I'm still religious using my One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil to remove makeup in the evening, it smells d i v i n e and rinses away clean, no flannel needed. I follow it up with another cleanser but I don't have any particular favourites right now, nothing is really floating my boat, ya'know? I'm looking for a really lovely gel cleanser or bar of soap but can't decide on any.

For toning I still really like Yuli Cocoon simply because it feels so nice and cooling, I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin with using this so sadly I wont repurchase (I'm too much of a toner-floozy) but it's super fancy none-the-less.
I also picked up a little sample of the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel recently and this stuff is real good. I notice it is extremely similar formula wise to his replenishing serum so I may try a sample of that too before I decide to purchase or not.

Speaking of samples I also have a sachet of Tata Harper's infamous Resurfacing Mask, I've wanted to try this for so so long now and it did not disappoint. I used it as an all over mask and left it on for about an hour - I really like that it dries, sort of like a peel off mask but not peel-off-able, I was so impressed come morning with the texture of my skin, it looked so good to say I'm in the middle of a skin crisis! I used it again 2 days later as an overnight spot treatment, as I've read reviews saying this works a treat, but sadly I didn't notice any improvement on my cystic blemishes - if anything one of them hurt even more. I have another use left out of my sachet and then this will be going onto the wish list! or impulse purchase list is there's ever a great discount code ;)

For my winter moisturising needs I'm sticking with two trusted favourites, the CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture* and True Nature Botanicals Pacific Face Oil*. I've noticed my skin isn't as dry as it would be this time of year so I haven't really needed to up the ante moisture wise, however it's not full on winter yet. I use these in the evenings and something a little lighter during the day as my t-zone does become oily.

What are some of your winter essentials??