After missing out last time I couldn't not sign up for the christmas green beauty swap this year! Organised by the lovely Ria. I was partnered up with Lauren from The Figs Heart and I have to admit I was over the moon to discover Lauren's amazing blog (seriously, please have a nosy) and get to know Lauren herself! I knew straight away what I wanted to send her and got straight into organising her parcel.

She was pretty on it though and I received my gorgeous parcel super quickly all the way from Canada and it just about KILLED me to not tear it open straight away. It was definitely worth the wait though and the first item I stumbled across inside the box was that cat mug. Did I ever tell you I love cats? I try to keep it private here on the internet, but it's true I'm a cat-lady... how Lauren knew I'll never know ;) 
I would have been happy with just the mug, it's jumped straight to the top of my favourite mugs list (you don't have one?!) I mean, it's so CUTE. I can't cope. It was a beauty swap however and here's what I got...

As you can see I was thoroughly spoilt and literally dancing for joy as I opened everything up! I have wanted to try Leahlani Skincare & Herbivore Botanicals for months now and now I can! Thank you so much Lauren! Seriously, have you been reading my mind??

I a bit of a tea-sceptic but lauren sent me the Silk Road Beau-TEA-ful skincare tea and it smells lovely so I'm going to be brave and give it a go! anything for beautiful skin ;) I've never used loose tea before, is a fine sieve good enough to strain the tea?! serious question haha.
I also received some super cute Kevin Murphy haircare minis, an Australian brand but pretty much impossible to find here in the UK. I'm really excited to try these and want to save them for travel but will probably end up caving and using them at home anyway! The detox one sounds real good.

From Leahlani Skincare I am now the proud owner of the Mermaid Mask & Puakini & Tuberose Perfume Oil. Lauren got to spend some time with Leah on a recent holiday and has totally swayed me with these beautiful products. She says the perfume smells like the Hawaii air... so now I would really like to go to Hawaii if it smells so good ;)
I've already used the Mermaid Mask once already and it's like a superfood drink for your skin, gorgeous. Next on my list is Honey Love & the Coconut Vanilla Perfume!

Herbivore Botanicals is gaining quite the following in the US lately, something to do with that packaging I guess ;) I'm not sure if they're available over here yet, perhaps in some urban outfitters? Lauren picked me out the newly released Lapis Facial Oil and Rose Lip Butter. I haven't used the oil much yet as my skin is such a fussy mess, but can I just say it smells divine?! It should be a perfume. Also the oil is blue thanks to blue tansy and blue chamomile which is super cool. I can't wait to start testing this more! The lip butter hasn't left my side since I opened it up, my lips are really chapped and any moment I'm not applying this balm they're peeling (ew!) I've even grown to love the rose scent, who knew! (Lauren knew, mind reader alert).

This was such fun & I'm so glad I took part, if only for getting to know the lovely Lauren! What a gal. Make sure you follow her blog so you can see what I got her too (the post isn't up at the time of my posting this but I think it will be soon!)
Thank you to Ria also for organising this swap again <3