Wrong! I thought I'd write up a gift guide WITHOUT any beauty products involved for once, though it's been difficult because there are some ah-mazing gift sets this year! (I'll take one of each thanks). I don't know about you but beauty gifts probably only make up about 10-20% of actual gift buying come christmas time, so I don't find the throng of beauty gift guides to be particularly helpful. Show me a gift guide for what to get a difficult dad that doesn't cost £50 & up or a guide to buying for your boyfriends' nephews' mum who you completely forgot about last year and then felt ever-so-guilty when she got you both a little something.

  1. Rifle Paper Co. 2015 Beaute Flip Desk Calender £15 - Okay so it's beauty related, but it's also beautiful. I've put this on my christmas list and if I don't get it I'll be buying it myself haha! 
  2. Cat Alphabet Poster £39 - Great for a kids room, great for a cat lovers room, great for me. 
  3. Succulent Kit with Hand Illustrated Teacup Planter £32 - Such a cute little idea, I love this! 
  4. White Marble Necklace £13 - Handmade and unique, good for a teen to a hip granny.
  5. Dinosaur crayons £12 - What small child wouldn't like these?
  6. Mens Docking Station £24 - A total man gift, I love this. Whenever my boyfriend gets home he empties his pockets and the contents spew everywhere, this is for keeping it all together, neat and tidy.
  7. R2D2 Cushion £22 - Giving a cushion as a gift may seem a little strange but I'm a fan. I'd happily receive lots of beautiful cushions for christmas and even though Michael thinks Im crazy I could probably sell it to him with his own star wars cushion. It's kinda cute.
  8. Golden Leather Purse £12 - I have had a beautiful handmade purse for about 5 years now and it's one of my favourite possessions, I literally don't see myself replacing it until it falls apart (hopefully never, it's very well made). This metallic leather purse is gorgeous and could be used as a makeup bag too.
  9. Laptop Case £14 - I think this looks so smart & there must be more uses than just a laptop case
  10. Cat Polka Dot Cup £12 - Typical cat lover gift, what's not to love?