Another week, another set of faves. Funny bunch this week, I couldn't think of a fifth favourite that I hadn't already mentioned before so we have pens, yup PENS. Some would say I'm scraping the barrel but they're really good pens, okay.

First up is some mints, but I'm not even bothered about the mints (pomegranate and acai flavour, actually quite tasty) it's the TIN I'm excited about. My favourite artist ever is Audrey Kawasaki, I would shed a few tears if I ever managed to get some of her work on my wall, really. I was at the Trafford Centre last weekend and stumbled across an old sweet shop with a pretty good american section and almost had a little wee when I saw these tins! How could I not buy one? My first piece of Kawasaki Art, it will be most treasured.

Next up is a little skincare treat in the form of the Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Plankton Skin Remedy* a powder cleanser and mask. I love love love powdered skincare as I don't have to worry about using it up as quickly as they last so well. The ingredients are fresh with each use and this makes them even more potent. The ingredients are gorgeous and this has really been soothing my painful skin with every other day usage, I mix it up into a runny paste kind of consistency and massage into skin then leave for around 10 minutes, it dries quickly so I try and remember to use a facial mist while I'm wandering about or else I find it hard to remove. It's SUPER intense as a true face mask and left me with a tomato face for half an hour after so I wont make that mistake again, instead mixing it with honey or using it as just a spot treatment.

I also picked up the Avalon Organics Scalp Treatment Shampoo this week in Waitrose as I needed something to treat my easily irritated scalp after running out of 100% Pure. I've used this twice and am loving the way it's making my hair feel, really soft and clean. Not sure about the scalp treating abilities but I'll give it a little longer.
I am also rather addicted to Tsi-La L'Absolu Vanille this week. I was sent this little sample from Lilly and it's gorgeous. A spicy, warming vanilla scent. I'm savouring my little sample and hoping I can find it stocked somewhere.

Finally, it's those darn pens. Papermate Inkjoys. Everyone knows how good it is to find a good pen and these are so good! very fluid and they feel so nice to write with, it's the little things y'know?