This is Penny. She's four, has three & a half legs, enjoys chasing screwed up paper, is extremely vocal and dislikes being carried.

She was rescued a few months ago by my mum after her owner was neglecting her and leaving her alone in an empty flat for days at a time (mum didn't steal her, the owner gave her up willingly, how heartbreaking).
Anyway, anyone who knows my mum know's she is quite literally the world's craziest and kindest cat lady, she'd have them all if she could. However Penny was really not getting along with her other cat, Lyla... We always thought Lyla was pretty feisty but little miss Penny was making her life hell, she's a bit of a bully (but look at that face).

When I went to visit mum the other week to help her move I saw just how upset our poor Lyla was, even after 2 months with Penny, and witnessed plenty of awful cat scraps. Though I also fell in love with Penny and as Myself & Michael had been looking into getting a cat for months now we decided it would be much better for both cats if they were separated and Penny came to live with me! Mum would have never ever given Penny away, except to me and I'm more than happy to have a furry companion.

She's been here a full week now and has settled in really well, she loves keeping watch on us from the bedroom balcony and playing for hours with her toys. She isn't a lap cat sadly but adores affection and having her cheeks scratched (her short little leg thumps like a rabbit - too cute) she purrs incredibly loudly and throws herself down to have her belly scratched when she see's you. She also wags her tail 24/7 - at first we thought she was just perpetually grumpy but it's constantly going even when she's having a good chin scratch or just sat chilling.
She's very inquisitive and has had a lot of fun exploring the apartment, always appearing covered in dust! ha! She also loves making herself known with a big meow if you don't acknowledge her and is pretty great to have a conversation with.

We're in love with our new furry baby!

*apologies in advance for the whole host of cat-instagrams coming your way!