I know there's only four products pictured so we'll get straight to it and talk about the un-pictured first friday fave today which is a juicer! It's bright orange and very photogenic but my kitchen is dark and a bit of a mess so... ;) My lovely mum very kindly donated her juicer to me last week (she's had it years and used it about twice so it won't be missed) and I've used it every day so far!
I've been starting my days with a super healthy juice with lots of fresh fruit and veggies, my two faves being a bright orange carrot, orange, lemon and ginger juice and a super green cucumber, apple, pear, celery, spinach and lemon juice. Lemon is a total life saver in the green juice as it completely cancels out the awful celery taste. Not sure why I put celery in there when I hate it so much, I just assume it must be good for me!
I'm going to write a blog post on my juicing and healthy eating ways on Monday, I'm trying really hard to balance my hormones and sort out my skin from the inside out as skincare just isn't working!

Another healthy fave is Chia Seeds! I ran out a few days ago after using them sparingly for the longest time and so ordered this big jar from RAW Health on Amazon. I made a chia pudding straight away with some chocolate oatly milk and it was sooo good. I sprinkle these on anything and everything, from pancakes to in fajitas. I think I'm going to make some chia cookies later too, nom.

I've been reading Amy Poehler's book Yes Please lately and I just love her. She's so hilarious, and from my love of Parks & Rec to watching her in interviews and SNL skits she's so genuine, and this book really reflects that. I'm not even half way through yet but I already know when I grow up I want to be Amy Poehler.

Nothing spectacular for beauty this week as I'm so upset with the condition of my skin, I don't even want to leave the house. Not even manuka honey or ML's The Problem Solver is easing the pain of these hormonal cystic blemishes on my jaw. Ugh!! I had a little cry over it yesterday. So sad.
I've been meaning to mention Salt Of The Earth for a few weeks now but always forget, it's my deodorant of choice and is simply salt crystals dissolved in water, it stops you getting smelly, doesn't irritate and is super affordable. Simple.
I've also taken a real shine to the Jane Iredale Amazing Base Mineral Foundation*. Especially this week when I don't want to be looking at my terrible skin, I pop a bit of this on and the horrors don't seem so bad. I have the shade bisque which is a great match and the slight yellow tone helps cancel out redness. It never looks cakey on the skin and is one of those foundations that look better as the day goes on.

I also have another huge favourite to mention, but she gets her very own post tomorrow! if only I could get her to sit still for more than 5 seconds...