I've had this blog post open for days now trying to figure out what I wanted to share. I don't share too much of my personal life on on my blog these days other than the odd picture here and there, I like to remain a mystery (hahaah!) but I really wanted to share something and have a little natter, seeing where my typing takes me.

Since graduating the boy & I have had some really difficult months just waiting and waiting for things to get better (aka jobs) we were adamant we didn't want to end up moving back home so did something completely crazy and moved into a dream apartment in a building that we've been eyeing up for years. The budget was tight, like, really really tight, beans on toast tight but we've been doing okay for several months now, and while the novelty of our cool apartment has worn off (I'm over that big window guys, it's draughty!) we're looking forward to the future.
Things are looking up finally this month and we may even be getting a cat (omsdrshbghwb!!!) and taking a trip to London in the new year! plus it's my birthday on Monday! & I love birthdays. Especially my own ;)
Michael has also started to learn to drive again after having to stop when money got tight & we're so excited to be real grown ups and get a car next year, he's like a giddy school boy already shopping for what car he wants, ha! pass your test first, mate! meanwhile I'm busy shopping for cats.

There's been a lot of negativity and horrible things happening online lately, both in the blogging & youtube world & it made me want to step back a little because daily life was hard enough to deal with! I'm channeling positive vibes though now, the sun is shining and warming up the flat, thank god, and I just ate my fave breakfast/lunch of bananas & almond butter on toast. Today is going to be a good day, I've decided. I'm even making roast chicken for tea.
Speaking of youtube I'm really really trying to pluck up the courage to film a proper first video, though I have no idea what it should be. I want my channel to be about anything and everything, maybe even with the odd vlog but I don't know if M is on board with that, he's not very enthusiastic with photography, let alone video ahahah! I've been telling him for years he should be a gaming youtuber with the amount of time he used to spend on his xbox whilst watching hours of youtube videos, but he always made excuses, pah! He could have been "youtube famous" by now and we could live in a mansion *this is me not holding a grudge* ;D
While I love blogging we all know it's the most fickle, overwhelming place to be. I feel like the worlds smallest fish swimming in the worlds biggest shoal (nice fish analogy, well done self) who can't swim fast enough anymore to keep up. Maybe I need my own advert on television, it would be really boring though. Girl blogs at home in pyjamas, follow along for a few minutes reading entertainment a couple of times a week! Adventure! Excitement! Scrolling! Wow!

P.S. I made these last night and I died and went to heaven in a bowl of hot cookie dough. That could explain my ridiculously good mood today, I suggest you try them and see if your mood improves too.