October is my favourite month, it's my birthday month so obviously I'm a little biased (it's the 20th if you want to send me a card ;)) but it's also when autumn really starts to kick in, we can dig out the coats, wrap up warm and finally the wasps start to die off!! hate those horrible little devil creatures. 

I don't use pinterest as much as I should these days, but I was having a little browse a few days ago and it's so beautifully depressing. My hair will never look like that and my living room will never be pinterest, it's so sad but also so addicting, you just gotta keep on scrolling through all those beautiful images. 
I picked a few of my favourited for a cosy fall vibe, hopefully to inspire ya'll. Think bread, candles and cosy blankets, sounds perfect. 

I've tried to link to all the sources before pinterest, but some of them didn't exist anymore, sorry! x

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