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lily lolo passion pink swatch

Lately I only seem attracted to berry, purple-y or blue toned pinks.. a.k.a fuchsia! (I totally had to google how to spell fuchsia oops). Luckily with the weather turning colder berry lips are back in, not that it matters to me when shades of makeup are "in", but it's good to know perhaps I'm a tiny bit with it for once ;)

I've never been much of a lipstick gal, so it makes sense that only one of these is a traditional lipstick formula as I have no patience for meticulously applying my makeup. I'm more of a slap it on and go kind of person.
Fuchsia as a shade really brightens up my complexion and makes it seem like I've put 100x more effort into my makeup and appearance than I actually did. The colour just makes me happy.
I did some swatches on my hand for you to get an idea of pigment & colour etc, sorry they're not on my lips but I couldn't be bothered to do five different lip swatches! At least I'm honest...

lipstick swatches lily lolo passion pink ilia beauty jump rms beauty sacred
From L-R - Silk + Honey Custom Gloss, Lily Lolo "Passion Pink", ILIA Lip Conditioner "Jump", Burt's Bees "Rhubarb" and RMS Lip Shine in "Sacred"

I think the colours are a tiny bit off from my camera, but I've tried to make them as true to life as possible. They look a little too red though. 

The Silk & Honey gloss is the only gloss I like these days, and maybe I'm biased because I made it myself but it feels so lovely on the lips and the colour is so unusual for a lipgloss. It's the darkest of the lot and can be built up but I like to apply just a thin layer as I still do find lipgloss to be such a fuss.  
Next up is the Lily Lolo Passion Pink Lipstick, the colour of this is really in yo' face but the formula makes is so easy to apply, it's REALLY moisturising and has a lot of slip, it's almost like a balm. It transfers and wears off really easily because of this but it's a fun shade and a bargain at £8.99. I adore Lily Lolo at the moment, so affordable for natural makeup, and if I'm not careful my entire makeup bag will be LL soon! ;) 

Onto my fave of the bunch though, the sheer but stunning ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner in Jump, a summer limited edition shade (that you need to JUMP on asap). I couldn't not leave this once I saw it person in the summer and have considered buying a backup as I'm scared to use it and run out forever! It's sheer, yes, but really very easily buildable into a vivid magenta shade that I love. The formula is a little more waxy and stiff compared to my other tinted lip conditioner but I like this as it means the staying power is better. The price reflects the quality but I don't mind one little bit as I'm a smitten kitten.

Next in line is the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. My first time trying a Burts Bees lip product & I love, the colour is fab and again easily buildable, with a minty tingle that I'm addicted too and the nourishment of a lip balm. It looks very different in swatch but I think the colour is closer to ILIA when on the lips. It's been my go-to lately as my lips are quite chapped and this is basically a lip balm with colour.
Lastly we have an RMS Lip Shine in Sacred, even though their shade Sublime may have been more fuchsia appropriate, this was an easier colour choice for me as sublime is terrifyingly pink! One day I will pluck up the courage and buy it though as it's a beauty! 
The formula of the lip shines is so unique, it's like dipping your fingers into a pot of solid lipgloss that warms instantly to your touch. Sacred is described as a "rosy red" but there's definitely a lot of pink in there. If you want true red from RMS then the lip2cheek in Beloved is the one. Lip shines are glossy, moisturising and oh so pigmented, everyone needs (atleast) one in their stash as they're so unique.

Do you own any of these shades?