I realised I haven't written a beauty post in a while & I've been using a lot of new products recently and falling back in love with some old ones too!
I haven't written a Loving Lately post in months as I got a little bored (mainly of the name) so thought I would change it up with something new.. a semi-regular feature, not every week, as you know I have commitment issues, but you never know. It wont always be beauty either because hey, I do like other stuff too! ;)

For this week though, I have so much beauty goodness to share that it was tough narrowing it down and a few missed out on the cut, ruthless! 
The CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion is my first pick, even though I've only used a sample sachet (which was pretty generous in size, I got two uses from that thing) & am saving the second one for when the weather turns icy. The lotion itself it light, scent free and none greasy. It's honestly one of the nicest body lotions I've used in ages... & I hate using body lotion! I'm just so lazy. But this I can make an exception for.
A rediscovered love comes in the form of the Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow in the shade Smokey Brown. This is the most perfect taupe eyeshadow I've ever seen, it's a one wash wonder and so easy to use, even for an eye makeup idiot like me. The formula is so easy to use for a mineral eyeshadow and I'm pretty sure it's going to last me forever as you get so much bang for your buck.

Skincare wise I've been relying on the 100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrosol Toner* for all my toning needs. I'm still not keen on rose scents but I can't deny how soothing this is on my skin, it's simply rose water, no other ingredients and comes in a lovely glass bottle with a really fine mister. 
I've also been using this One Love Organics Chia Whip Foam Cleanser* as an easy cleanser to use in the shower. I've never tried a cleanser that pumps out a foam like this so it took some getting used to as it feels like there's nothing there! but it's very gentle and makes my skin feel fresh and clean. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell! It's unscented so it has that... unscented smell, you know what I mean? Do I sound crazy?

Last up is an Almond Dr. Bronners Soap,  I've gone through so many bottles of Dr. Bronners, it's the bomb, but this is my first time trying Almond and I love! I use it as a showergel to make myself smell like a bakewell tart, the dream.