I was literally giddy with excitement when CV Skinlabs launched into the UK a few weeks ago on Cos Natural. They're a brand I've heard so much about, especially from the lovely Britanie. My skin is on the sensitive side and is easily irritated by harsh products so of course a brand designed specifically for healing, treating and soothing sensitive, dry, irritated skin captures my attention. The range consists of four products, the Calming Moisture, Restorative Skin Balm, Rescue & Relief Spray and Body Repair Lotion. When I got the opportunity to review the Calming Moisture I was kiiind of excited though I wasn't sure what to expect.

The Calming Moisture is a light, soothing moisturiser for your face, neck and scalp. It gives instant relief if your skin is sore, dry or in anyway unhappy. I was worried this would be a really thick, rich moisturiser but was pleasantly surprised (and so relieved) to discover it is light and has quite a thin texture. I still do find it too moisturising to use it during the day - even with mineral foundation on top which usually sucks moisture like a sponge - but my skin isn't dry at the moment. I suspect it will be a great day moisturiser when winter arrives.
Instead I've been using this at night, sometimes on its own after toning as it really is nourishing enough, or mixed with a drop or two of whatever facial oil I'm using that night (usually the pacific face oil or kahina argan). It sinks in rather slowly and if I apply too much I'm left a little greasy but again its been crazy warm these past few weeks and I suspect it will be a different story soon.

My favourite way to use this, and when I see the best results, is when I use it after a deep cleansing clay mask, something like the May Lindstrom Problem Solver. It feels so soothing after an intensive mask and replenishes lost moisture with ease (this is the only time my skin drinks this stuff up) leaving my complexion really calm, no redness in sight.
The ingredients are all natural, with aloe vera, squalene, turmeric extract, jojoba, chamomile, camellia and ginger. CV Skinlabs say this is ideal for skin that has just been treated with a chemical peel, waxed, microdermabrasion and more and I can see why as it's so... neutral and inoffensive for skin, it does it's job and it does it well.

The Calming Moisture is £45 for 60ml, which if you regularly buy high end little 30ml pots of moisturisers you'll know you're getting an amazing deal. You only need a small amount each time as (cliche) a little goes a long way! I honestly am in love with this stuff and I know if you have sensitive, dry, combination or just SKIN you're going to love this too. To make life easier you can pick up a free sachet from Cos Natural and from what I can gather you don't have to be making an order and can just pick it up on its own! try it!

Next on my list is the body lotion and rescue & relief spray which both sound amazing! I've tried a sachet of the body lotion and it's one of the nicest I've ever tried. CV Skinlabs, I am impressed.