There's a lot of self doubt in blogging. You know it, I know it. We're all a bunch of paranoid scaredy cats, just wanting someone to tweet us and show us love. And sometimes we just need someone to take our hand and tell us hey, you know what? It's going to be okay poor little blogger, you're doing good. (please will someone take my hand too? *withers away*)

So hey, it's okay...
  1. You're doing great.
  2. Your blog post today was totally awesome.
  3. Your photography is kick ass. 
  4. To feel completely jealous of another blogger, you're only human.
  5. To hate having to be so professional all the time. 
  6. To wonder (and be jelly) when people "brag" about their overflowing inbox.
  7. To actually enjoy getting and replying to emails.
  8. To check your bloglovin 10 times a day to see how many likes your post has.
  9. You know followers aren't everything, but an extra 10k wouldn't hurt... ;)
  10. To daydream about what life would be like if you were "youtube famous"
  11. To admit you don't comment on blogs as much as you should.
  12. To not post every day.
  13. To not have an editorial calendar.
  14. To think blogging is like high school all over again.
  15. To not fit in.. make your own niche and work it!
  16. To feel upset when a post doesn't get the response you were hoping for.
  17. To have a notebook full of ideas but nothing to write about.
  18. To not have an SLR.
  19. To not own loads of flowers and trays and cute pillows to photograph things on.
  20. To just be you.

Love, an average blogger xo