I mentioned this product a few days ago in my fittingly titled blog post "omg bath time", and promised to review once I had plunged into the tub with just this, and not the addition of all my other salts & potions altering my opinion.
And just for you guys, I did it. It was really tough, a proper challenge to sit blissed out in the tub for half an hour, really tough. 
The Bathory is a relatively new company that allows us to create custom bath soaks with just a few clicks. Pick your salt mix and essential oil blend and the magic elves at The Bathory HQ whip up your soak in record time, seriously. From ordering to delivery in less than 24 hours, I was seriously impressed (they do ship worldwide but I imagine it would take longer than 24 hours). 

For my soak I chose the "Soothe" blend, a mix of Epsom Salts, Oatmeal, Honey & Buttermilk. I'll be honest, I just really wanted a milky bath and that helped my decision greatly. I was very intrigued by the "Detox" option though, Epsom Salts & Rhassoul clay! I never thought of putting clay in bath water before but apparently this blend draws out toxins. 

You then go on to pick three essential oils and I chose Lavender, Lemon & Eucalyptus - dreamy huh? The smell was never overpowering, even when I stuck my nose in the jar, it's soft and calming and mixed with the scent of oats and milk. I would have liked it if you could choose all of one scent or double lavender and one lemon for example for a little more customisation, as I love love love lavender and would have happily had all three oil options be set as Lavender to blow my socks off (or maybe eucalyptus! mmm, great for if you have a cold).

Once my jar* of salts arrived (beautifully packaged in a brown bag and perfectly sized box may I add) I was a little taken aback by the small size of the jar as I hadn't noticed it's only a 200g jar for £18. However you can definitely make this last and get at least four or five baths from this. The label recommends 25% of the jar for a quick fix, 50% for full benefits or 100% of the jar for the best bath of your life.
I decided to really go for it and added just about half of the jar to my bath to really test it (I nearly wept pulling the plug). The water turned milky thanks to the buttermilk and silky feeling and the scent was very soft and soothing, not overwhelming at all and sadly didn't linger to make my bathroom smell delicious for hours after. My skin did feel SO soft though and I basically just melted into the water for a good 20 minutes before I realised I needed to get out before I fell asleep. 

All in all an amazing bath! I would love if The Bathory started offering refills for our jars, like I've noticed Therapie do with their salts. Either the same amount for a little less ££ or a little more product for the same amount of ££ (because you're not paying for the jar). 
I definitely want to try a detox blend next, and I think I'm going to have to buy some buttermilk powder for future baths too! 

Have you tried The Bathory? What blend would you pick?