I've wanted to do a photo-an-hour post for months and months but always either forgot or was having an all too UN exciting day for photographs! ;) But today is the day! Not to say that yesterday was all that exciting but we'll take what we can get, huh. 

7-8am(ish) - Woke up super early because it was so bright, but not complaining because SUN.

9am - Breakfast in a chipped bowl. I can never eat when I've just woken up, it makes me feel queasy.. anyone else?

10am - My tip of a desk required tidying before I could get to work.

11am - Time for MAKEUP

12pm - Working and oh hello look at my awesome glass from Ikea.

1pm- Time for mess making, photo taking and standing on the window sill hoping not to fall off.

2pm - Late lunch of beans on toast and this raspberry cream tart I made.. just mashed some frozen raspberries with cream and a bit of powdered sugar... yummmm!

3pm - Haha what is this photo... Saw the Addams Family was on TV so had that on in the background while I worked (may have watched more of this than actual working) ;)

9pm - Okay so we skipped quite a lot of hours there! oops... at 4 I was pottering about putting the washing away & stuff and also getting ready because when Michael got home at 5 we headed out for an evening of romance (not really) we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! I love a good Marvel film & this sure was a good 'un! Notice how it says 6:15 on our ticket, but the film didn't actually start until 6:45, my cinema pet peeve! so. many. Kevin. Bacon. adverts.

10pm - After sitting in the worlds most uncomfortable cinema chair for 3 hours I decided to have a little salty bath with some Burt's Bee's Lemon Oil. Aaaaand Relax.

11pm(ish) - Shuffled myself off to bed for some sweet dreams about guarding the galaxy with talking trees and chris pratt.