Since moving into our new flat a few weeks ago I've been trying really hard to make it feel cosy & homely with just what we had. The trouble is the lack of storage has been a real pain and there's still so much stuff that doesn't yet have a place. We could really do with another book case or a sideboard with cupboards to hide everything away. My main aim is to basically hide everything haha. I'd also love a TV stand that can hide all our DVD's and Michael's Xbox (wire central argh!) our current one is glass so I just feel like I'm staring at mess 24/7. 
We're going to be doing a little rearranging in a few weeks as my mum is bringing up my huge bowl chair (honestly I have no idea what to call it but it looks kinda like this) and we need to find a place for it, either in the bedroom where our wardrobe currently is, or downstairs where my bookcase is, so my whole little office area will need moving. I'm excited because it's so cosy to sit in and read and I haven't actually sat in it for years as it's been packed away. 

Besides furniture there's also a few other bits I'd like to add a more homely vibe. First off a rug, this one from H&M is nice, we all know I love stripes. It's cheap'n'cheerful & would maybe look nice in front of the sofa. Maybe. I've also always wanted a full length mirror but nothing too girly. This simple one from IKEA is nice and affordable and not too big. I don't actually need anymore bedding at all but the bedding above (not that you can tell) is a waffle texture & I just want it! I also don't need jars but those are so unique and would look great with some pasta in ;)

We have a huge windowsill and would really like to make one corner all cosy for sitting and reading by the window (it was Michaels idea and I love it) so we need lots of little cushions to lean on and we're hopefully going to pick up one of the faux sheepskin rugs from ikea to sit on or else you'll be slipping all over the place, they're only £10 and sooo soft and it will really complete the "comfy corner" vibe.
The cushions above are ALL from H&M Home. I really like the idea of mixing textures and patterns. The text one is the most expensive but also the one I want the most (typical) and would take centre stage in front of the rest. I think a mix of the glossy cushions and stripes would look nice or stripes and the velvet ones, too hard to choose.

What do you think?