I love a good candle... but then who doesn't?! Strictly speaking we weren't allowed to have candles in our last flat but being the obvious rebel I am (ha) I often burnt them anyway because nothing beats that little flickering glow. 
If there's one thing I'm not a fan of, it's how bloody expensive candles can be! Neom?! Diptyque? Do you enjoy burning money?! (Okay so I'm guilty of the neom one but I only ever bought the travel sized... and only once! It was quite the treat). I usually pick up cheap candles that come in beautiful pots because then I can keep them as decoration long after they're burnt away, my favourite places for this is TK Maxx and H&M Home. 
If you're after gorgeous scent though (& prefer to keep your money firmly in your purse) then I would without a doubt recommend Flamingo Candles. I've had my eye on this candle brand for a long time now after seeing lots of reviews and spending quite some time dribbling over the sound of the deliciously scented candles. I wouldn't know which to pick first! So when a little email arrived in my inbox asking if I'd like to review a candle... well you can imagine it was a hells yes please ;) 
I couldn't choose which candle I wanted so I asked to be surprised with  something tropical or zesty! I was sent the Lemon & Lime Mojito Classic Jar Candle*  talk about yum. 

The lovely folks over at flamingo describe the scent as "Fruity and exotic Lemon & Lime Mojito is a fruity aroma incorporating notes of freshly squeezed juicy lemons combined with notes of warm orchids, infused with fresh lime with added notes of cool aldehydes, mandarin and grapefruit." upon first sniff you're greeted with a mouthwatering lemon sherbet smell that I could sit and sniff all day. When burnt however the scent changes into something a little more grown up and complex... I'm rubbish with scents but Flamingo's description fits the bill! Whatever it is, it smell's amazing and really uplifts the senses, it's been great at keeping me awake when I'm working away in the evenings (like right now) I don't even have to burn it, just a quick sniff of that sherbet scent & I'm immediately cheered up.

To make it just a little sweeter this jar candle costs £12, burns for a whopping 50 hours and is made with eco-friendly soy wax. They also have on offer scent melts for wax burners & I'm definitely going to have to pick up a few of them so I can sample more scents before purchasing a jar! I'm thinking Blackcurrant Jam, Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, aaaaand Macaroon & Almond... you know, just to start me off ;) 

Have you tried a Flamingo Candle? What's your favourite scent??