If I could go back in time a couple of weeks I would choose a different, bigger desk. There I said it. But please don't tell my boyfriend or my dad because we spent a good hour in the IKEA desk department and I may not live to write another blog post... 
I chose the tiniest little Ikea Micke desk thinking there wasn't going to be enough room, when I could have easily chose a desk a foot longer without cause for concern. Maybe even two feet if I was feeling daring. 
It's a really lovely little desk though, so that's okay. I'm pretty glad it has a drawer for all my notebooks and nail polishes, seriously that's all that's in there. I have my little copper basket filled with beauty products and candle for added decoration to make myself feel stylish *swish* and my absolute fave Sandra Dieckmann print on display because it makes me happy. I'm going to have to buy some more of her work asap because it's all amazing.
To the right there's my little wicker storage thingy-bob with lots of my beauty products in. I don't like keeping beauty stuff in the bathroom, it makes me cringe so I keep aaaaall of my makeup and skincare in this area, even if it is a pain to walk back and forth to the bathroom because I forgot my cleanser, or I then forgot my face cloth, I never said life was easy.

To the left I have those IKEA shelves that everyone owns. I got the medium sized because I originally wanted it led horizontally (may still move it) but changed my mind at the last minute when we put it up. I have a box in every other shelf to hide away all of my art supplies, sketchbooks, beauty stuff and loads of other stuff. They hold SO MUCH, it's incredible. They also do a good job of blocking the sun so I can actually see my laptop when I'm working, though I would prefer them the other way around I do still have to see what I'm doing. Such dilemma. 
My Macbook takes up 70% of the room on my desk but it's the light of my life so I wouldn't have it any other way. I like rearranging what's on display when I'm sat bored waiting for something to load or save (really need an external hard drive). I did have a second print by Alice Potter on display for a little while but I decided to have it elsewhere. I also burn my Flamingo Candle when the situation is dire as that zesty scent really keeps me going!

And here is a shot of what my desk usually looks like.. a tip. Stuff everywhere. Definitely should have got a bigger desk ;)