Last month was quite the whirlwind of adventure, closure and new beginnings! Life even got a little bit exciting for a few days there, but luckily we're back to normal(ish) now.
Incase you didn't know (I know nobody reads my blog these days) but last month I graduated, yep, really! took a trip down to London and even moved house. All these events did creep up on me and take all my attention, I'm not used to such an action packed life if I'm honest and much prefer going at my own pace, not rushing for a train or carrying boxes up four flights of stairs for a solid 5 hours. 

I can't wait to show you all bits of our new place, it's a cool open plan kind of deal in an old mill and we have the biggest window you ever did see, totally essential. I have even set myself up a little office area which I'm over the moon about! no more blogging in bed or at the kitchen table! Everything is still a bit chaotic at the moment with boxes all over the place as we have so much stuff. We definitely need a clear-out and some storage solutions.
We were also told this building doesn't allow pets but I've seen more dogs and cats than I ever thought possible so I was in a bit of a pickle the other day when we had the opportunity to rescue the cutest little kitty named Penny. I had minutes to make the decision and had to say no as we'd only lived there 4 days and I don't want to upset our landlord just yet. Luckily my mum did the rescuing herself so I'll still get to see Penny every now and again, I just wish she lived closer!! Honestly I've never been so devastated in my life, definitely need a furry life partner pronto. 

In other news I have lots of blog content coming your way this month, not everyday as I'm still a busy bee but close enough! I'm not making a promise to blog everyday again as we know that will just fail ;)