I’ve definitely caught the mascara bug lately, after spending years dismissing the stuff for causing me nothing but trouble (irritated, itchy eyes and smudges on my glasses) I’ve seen the light thanks to natural brands that don’t irritate my eyes! I still don’t wear the stuff everyday… nobody to impress and far too lazy, but I’m a bit obsessed with finding the best mascara for me. I want volume not length, and most certainly no spider lashes thank you. No smudges or flakes (sadly this is where natural brands start falling short BUT they are getting better!)

I’ve tried and loved the Green People Volumising Mascara but until I tried others I didn’t realise how tame it was, an incredibly natural looking mascara that gave the appearance of naturally good lashes without really looking like you’ve got anything on your lashes. 
I’ve since upgraded to the RMS Defining Mascara* which gives a bit more wow factor but does smudge easily in this weather. I would definitely be interested in trying the volume version though! 
I also have the B. Longer mascara which I opened especially for the photo above, I love fat bristle wands so even though it’s not natural (it is cruelty free) I’ll be giving this a little test to see how it fares. Similarly the Organic Glam Mascara* is one I need to test (bottom wand in the picture) and have had lying unopened for quite some time. The formula looks very wet so perhaps it does need to dry out a little bit first or else it will end up all over my face. I have read good reviews though! 

So that's my current lash stash, but seeing as mascara needs replacing so often it only seems right that I have a waiting list of other’s I’d like to try! Definitely the new release from W3LL People! Nothing but good reviews for that one and I already love the brand. I’m also really intrigued by the tarte mascara’s! Not 100% natural, but a lot better than others. We can now get tarte in the UK & they have the Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara in stock however I’m hoping they expand the range soon to include more as the gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara sounds a little more up my street! Gentle and volumising (plus cute packaging, sold!). 

Have you tried any of the mascara’s I’ve mentioned?

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