This month has been one I won't forget in a hurry, with amazing news and heartbreak all rolled into one.

At the beginning of the month the third year degree show opened to the public for one week... which was quite the surreal experience to say the least! I wrote a whole post on it, where you can see my work too! It was quite bittersweet taking down all my work once the show had ended, who know's if I'll ever get to have my work on public display like that again?? I sure hope so. 

 At the same time our beautiful kitty cat Myles suffered a stroke and as there was nothing the vets could do to help him he had to be put to sleep as he was in a really bad way and suffering a lot. I've had a lot of pets over my life, we always had a house full of four legged furry creatures growing up and it's reason I'm such crazy cat and dog lady now, obviously we've lost a lot of those pets in that time and it's always heartbreaking because you've lost a member of your family. I think this time has been a lot worse for me though because I don't live at home anymore and even worse it's 4 hours away. I felt really disconnected and helpless having to be told over the phone that my favourite grumpy baby was so sick, and then... gone. 

In other more positive news I received my final grade from university yesterday and I'm really over the moon to say I will be graduating with 2:1! I have never been more nervous in all my life while waiting for that page to load, and even after I read the grade I wasn't sure.. "is this real life?" I had to check a few more times just to make sure I hadn't read it wrong! ;) I'll be honest and say I was expecting the worst, even though my tutor told me otherwise. I feel after pretty much failing my A-Levels after feeling so positive I'd done well I'd never trust my instincts on getting marks again! ha! I'm so relieved. 

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