Have you ever finished a bottle of facial oil?? I sure haven't (except for sample sizes but they don't count right?) but I am about to finish this bottle of Kahina Argan Oil* and gosh if this isn't the dreamiest oil I've ever used.

They call it liquid gold and I think they might be right... Kahina's Argan Oil is clear, pure, unrefined and cold pressed by the women in Morocco, who work closely with Katherine L'Heureux (the founder of Kahina Giving Beauty) to ensure the oil is the best quality it can possibly be and that these women receive a fair wage for their hard work. There's an excellent post on the Kahina website here that explains the eye opening difference in quality that argan oil can have and also how they extract the oil.. very interesting stuff!

I've been using my Argan Oil for everything, hair, cuticles (too precious for body really) and obviously my face. This is one of the only oils I've ever found to actually sink into my skin without the help of mixing it with a moisturiser or applying it to damp skin. It isn't greasy or heavy in the slightest and I can use it morning and night without issue on my combination skin. 
If I have dry skin I'll mix this with a moisturiser in the morning for some extra nourishment as I don't really own any rich moisturisers... then in the evening I like to use this on it's own as my moisturiser and oil step after toning and maybe using a serum. I never feel like I need anything else on my skin. My skin is far from perfect and this doesn't cure everything but it does help a lot when it's hormonal acne time and soothes itchiness if I have a flare up of dermatitis (though I've read you're not supposed to use oils on perioral dermatitis?) it soften my skin and banishes dry patches with ease. I would definitely recommend this to any skin type, it's so pure and simple it's universal. 

Benefits & Properties of Argan Oil
- Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants
- Fights free radicals that cause ageing
- Protects skin from enviromental factors
- Soothes skin irritation
- Evens skin tone
- Restores elasticity
- Minimizes fine lines
- Nourishes hair and banishes frizz
- High in fatty acids Omega's 6 & 9

Here in the UK the 100ml bottle is £74 but the smaller 30ml size is available in a travel set which I linked above. If you're travelling to America or know someone who is I would recommend you ask them to pick you up the 30ml size over there which they sell individually for $36 (a mere £20) it's worth every penny as it's going to last you months... now I just need someone I know to hop on a plane ;)