So here we go, one whole month of blogging every day. Are you excited?! I sure am... and I'm also feeling quite overwhelmed as I sit here typing this in preparation... 3 days before June 1st. It's funny because I finished my degree yesterday (28th), I handed in my portfolio, checked all my work was on display just how I wanted it then walked out of the building and left my fate to the tutors who have the absolute pleasure of marking my work. A little dramatic perhaps as I did take my time with the walking situ, checking out everyone else's work as I left, feeling a bit sad about the whole thing... perhaps I should do an MA... No. Let's not.
I'm really excited for the degree show to open on the 13th, I will be blogging about it and my work (gotta self-promote y'know) when it opens up. I forgot to take my camera over yesterday and photograph my work so you'll have to wait I'm afraid, no sneak peeks! I'm really proud so I can't wait to show you all. If you live near UCLAN (long shot) the shows are open all week to the public 16th-20th and they're always a really inspiring way to spend an afternoon.

Back to the blog, I'm really happy with the content I've planned for you all month and I feel really excited about blogging again. Before forcing myself to take a break to focus on more important things I felt quite uninspired and a little down about my blog and blogging in general. I started this blog in my first month of university and it's shown my journey over the past 3 years. I've changed a lot and so has this little blog! I used to mainly blog about crafts, etsy and other little personal things before getting the beauty bug and after that the green beauty bug. I used to think that if only I had blogged about beauty straight away I could be hanging out with the big guys right now and making a living from my blog, but alas I was a few months too late and missed out in the popularity contest ;) story of my life... ha!
Anyway... I'm focusing on the now and changing things up around here, not by much but I do want to blog about some other things for a change, more lifestyle posts, recipes, book reviews and lots of beautiful art! or else what did I just spend 3 years doing? I'm not going to hide that away anymore and be too worried about the likes and views a post gets when it's not about cleansers and lipsticks. Saying that though, you needn't worry too much (if you were???) Over half of my planned posts are beauty, you may breath again.

Until we speak again.. tomorrow.