It feels like my search for the perfect moisturiser is never over - I always have one or two niggles even if I really love a cream. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist or maybe the perfect moisturiser just isn't out there (my standards are just too high, let's be honest). 

My skin type is really really hard to deal with, it's a mess quite frankly and I'm not really sure what it needs. I've just been winging it for a little while now but have discovered some great picks along the way (though they may not be completely perfect for me - you shouldn't let that sway your judgement). For reference my skin is combination, I can go from super dry to oily real quick and my main issues are scarring from old hormonal breakouts, milia along my cheeks and regular flareups of perioral dermatitis. It's a real party. I like my moisturisers to be light as from past experience richer creams just tend to give me more milia and make my skin oily. If I'm left with any sort of film or grease on my skin after application I know it's not for me as only trouble will follow.

My favourite moisturiser actually isn't pictured today as I've ran out and as you can see have a little collection waiting to be used up first! The Pai Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream is my perfect companion is the colder weather as it's hydrating and balancing without overwhelming my skin, it left a matte finish and was super under makeup or as a night cream. The Therapi Lemon Myrtle Honey Moisturiser* is the most similar in texture and feel, if a little thicker but slightly more purifying with the inclusion of witch hazel and the anti-bacterial lemon myrtle. This is one of my favourites right now as it feels nourishing without the greasiness and after a minute or two to sink in my skin looks fresh and glowy. 
Another brand making use of the wonderful bee is Bee Good. I recently received the Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser* to try out and have been pleasantly surprised by how light it is! I was sceptical at the addition of shea butter but this feels more like a gel than a thick cream and leaves a finish very similar to Pai, matte and calm. It also smells like sherbet and comes in a tube which I LOVE, +5 hygienic points to Bee Good.
I'm still unsure if beeswax could be an irritant for my dermatitis though so I've thought about going cold turkey for a little while from these two particular moisturisers, which makes me quite sad as I love having them in my routine.

My final moisturiser of choice if your skin can be quite picky is the S5 Balance Fluid*. This is a great choice if you're really suffering from congested, acne prone skin as it's super light and contains salicylic acid, aloe vera and alpine bioactives to soothe skin and combat breakouts. This is my "if all else fails option" and reach for it a good few times a week as I know my skin reacts well to this. It's almost a liquid in the jar and I can use it morning and night if my skin isn't feeling too good and it really helps to rebalance (as the name would suggest!).

Budget/Sensitive - Bee Good
Acne/Very Oily - S5
Combination dry/oily - Therapi