Because we're moving soon (even though we don't know when or where yet) I've been very into browsing for pretty homeware pieces. I know it's not going to be anywhere near the perfect place for us to live, we probably have a few more moves until that... but some new bedding, a couple of decor bits and some new dinner plates feel all the more special when you're trying to make a new house or flat feel like home. I'm especially loving the new tesco ranges... some really nice bits and bobs, can you believe that bedding is currently only £9.50!? bargain. 

Beauty wise I've been having a lot of head troubles lately, so my wishlist is partly practical too. The Less Is More Herbal Tonic sounds a lot like the Philip Kingsly scalp tonic to me... which I used to really like. I bet it's really lovely and soothing on a scalp that's freaking out. I also thought the John Masters Scalp Serum sounded really interesting, a blend of oils to purify and balance sebum production along with alleviating irritation. 
The Beauty Without Cruelty Super Cover Cream Concealer is perhaps the cheapest natural concealer (£6.99) you can buy but also has some of the best reviews I've ever seen for a concealer! I'm intrigued! Definitely one I must try asap. 

What's on your wishlist lately?