There's a little bit of everything beauty-wise in this month's bunch of faves as I've been experimenting and trying lots of new things!

First things first my scalp has been an actual nightmare this month, I've never experienced such an irritating, itchy, painful head in my life and now I get the issue and sheer agony lots of people face when your scalp is against you. I hadn't swapped any of my hair products either so I think the issue has been stress related as it's taken weeks to start to get better! I've been using this little bottle of Rahua Shampoo to help along with a special scalp shampoo (more on that another time) and it always makes my hair feel so lovely, I've had the Rahua Jet Setter kit for a few months now and I save them for special occasions as they're soooooo expensive full sized! The voluminous is my favourite but I think this original formula has been a lot kinder to my scalp. 

I have also fallen for the One Love Organics Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser this month. I keep this is the shower for easy face washing but I didn't realise it was so effective at removing makeup! I always just used it as a refresher really but I saw I had huge mascara smudges under my eyes after removing my makeup a few days ago and used a tiny bit of this soap (carefully) under my eyes and the mascara simply melted away it .5 seconds flat, amazing. 
Another surprise this month has been the Beauty Blender! I never thought I would get on board applying my makeup with a sponge but for concealer (especially with the RMS 'Un' Cover Up) this has been kind of amazing. Though it's a bit of a pain to clean and I notice that the pink colour runs when I wash it?

I currently have Airy Fairy from Butter London on my toes for a change (I usually stick with Mavala Waikiki Orange my FAVE) and it's beautiful! Like an ocean on my toenails! The colour is quite a bit brighter than my photo would suggest and has almost a duo chrome effect with hints of purple and silver, a new summer nail fave for sure!
My last fave this month goes to the RMS Lip2Cheek in Beloved*, a crazy bright red that I am loving using as a blush! it's so scary but applied carefully it creates a really lovely flush of colour. I find a lot of multi use products always fall flat at something but this also makes a great lip colour too, it's slightly matte but still nourishing enough to not dry out the lips at all.  

What have you been loving this month?