Certain formulas often have their "moment" of popularity in the beauty world... last year we were all obsessed over cleansing balms, but now I've noticed there's more of a thing for cleansing oils with lots of new releases. No matter what everyone else is fawning over, we all still have our favourite preferences when it comes to the lotions and potions we're applying to our skin. I certainly have preferences when looking for my skincare and I always look for descriptions of the texture or how the product feels when reading reviews and always take care to read the ingredients before buying anything. My favourite formulas for skincare are not that surprising if you're a regular reader but I thought I would write a little highlight for my picks:

I'm not talking about the stuff you apply to set your makeup, nope. Powdered cleansers are a thing & I love 'em! There was already a few powdered exfoliators on the market but now there are quite a few more now and from that cleansers have been developed too. It's typically more natural brands that you'll find this sort of formula, there isn't need for preservatives and the ingredients are more "earthy" as your obviously cleansing with clay and powdered plant extracts etc. Which is not something you'll typical find in the ailes of Boots! 
I have two cleansing clay's that I love; the first is May Lindstrom's The Clean Dirt which is a rich and spicy clay mix, with lots of vitamin C and raw cacao, calendula, cinnamon and more. I love how it foams up in your hand with the addition of water and it leaves my skin feeling really AWAKE. My next powder pick is M Botanicals Renewing Clay & Bamboo Cleanser*. The texture and appearance of this is very different, it's a silky white powder than makes a very creamy paste when water is added, it also has some chunky scrubby bits in there too and leaves my face so incredibly soft! 

Gel's are my go to formula for everything really, if I know the product is a gel I'm a lot less scared of it breaking me out as it's (usually) light, wont clog pores or overwhelm oily skin. I have a lot of gel skincare products in my collection but my two favourites at the moment are definitely the Osmia Organics Active Gel Toner and the Kahina Eye Serum*. The Active Gel Toner is a light gel to be applied after your usual toner, it's incredibly soothing packed full of aloe vera and really soothes redness and sore skin. The Eye Serum is the only eye product I use at the moment as I'm not much of a fan of thick eye cream, the soothing gel feels amazing on the eye area and it really helps with dark circles too.

What are your favourite formulations??