I do not consider myself to be any good at makeup to be quite honest... average at best. I use it to cover up my imperfections and to feel more confident.. then I simply add a bit of colour on top of that to stop myself from looking too washed out. I don't use makeup to mask my skin or make it flawless because I don't own anything that high coverage and since suffering from perioral dermatitis I have learnt that too much makeup over that area never ever looks good, less is more. 

I like to keep everything simple and my makeup bag is most certainly the least jam packed area of my beauty routine. I have a few variations of different products but push come to shove it could all fit into one medium sized makeup bag (excluding brushes of course!). I've put together my capsule makeup bag featuring the products out of everything else that I reach for the most.. this is my average look if I'm including all the steps but day to day I leave out at least 3 of the products shown above.

What's in your capsule makeup bag?? :)