I'm not normally too fussy with bags, I find one I like for a reasonable price and then I stick with it for over a year (usually). So obviously when I find myself with 2 new bags in as many weeks I think maybe there's something wrong with me and quickly check for a fever. 

It all started when I saw Lily Melrose with her new yellow Primark bag, oh boy did I want it! Unfortunately for me my local Primark is pretty poor and on the 17th or so search I gave up hope and started looking elsewhere. Luckily for me ASOS had their annual 25% off student discount code and I saw this blue cutie pie and just had to order it (still a little gutted it wasn't yellow but trying to move on with my hopeless search). It's quite the beauty, very sturdy, surprisingly roomy and perfect for the warmer weather.

Then on Wednesday we took a little trip to Liverpool for some art gallery mooching and obviously shopping and our first ever trip to Wagamama's! (I finally get my certificate for being a proper blogger!). We checked Primark but alas no yellow bag and then Zara to see if they had either of the bags I mentioned in my last wish list post... they did not. BUT Michael spotted this heavenly luminous yellow messenger and I think my eyes actually did the heart eyed emoji. I uhm'ed about it for quite a while as it's obviously not Primark prices... we left and came back because I couldn't stop thinking about it and in the end Michael treated me to it (a.k.a really wanted to leave and this was the fasted option for him, bless). They don't have it online for me to link to unfortunately but it's a very soft fake leather messenger and it also comes in pink and black I think (incase you're not obsessed with Yellow like moi) 

Are you a handbag hoarder or is one everyday bag enough??