Just incase you thought I'd gone and quit blogging... Surprise! I have lots to share with you but unfortunately no time to do so, I promise I will be back soon though! I plan on blogging every day next month, a mammoth feat for me as I've not done that since I started blogging 3 years ago! I'm very excited to finish university but also extremely nervous for my future as I can't seem to decide what my "forever career" will be, I'd like to say a blogging/artist combo but dream on sunshine ;) 

Anyway, here are a few of my favourites lately.. Only yesterday I got a new Tangle Teezer and it's already an amazing difference from my old grubby one (if a little sharp) I love Tangle Teezers, they are miracle workers for my hair, it's not too thick or thin but there is a lot of it and it requires a lot of effort to brush, even though it's short! Plus look at that amazing neon orange, instant happiness. 
Another tool I have been loving is the trusty Konjac Sponge. You may remember me talking about these a few months ago when I picked up the green one on a whim. I did love it but you can only keep them for a little while before they start falling apart. I now have the pink one (for dull skin) which contains pink french clay and have been using it every morning and most evenings too. I use it in the mornings with my Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap or sometimes on it's own as it still works well to give the skin a quick clean. In the evenings I use it with my second cleanser of choice to help it on the way and exfoliate too. I really think these sponges work and they just feel sooooo good.

Makeup wise I'd like to say I've been adventurous but seeing as I'm indoors working away all day I have nobody to impress. I have however been practising using the Jane Iredale Jelly Jar* (that's gel liner to you and me). I'd never used gel liner before but I am seriously impressed with this one, it's easy to use, the blackest of blacks and doesn't budge once it's set. I still need some practice for a perfect flick but the handy angled brush helps an awful lot. 
Last on my list is the Sepai V5.0 Global Moisturiser with SPF 15*. This is the only moisturiser I have with SPF in so I've been making sure to use it now that the sun is shining. I was a little worried it would be thick or leave a white cast but I was pleasantly surprised as it's such a lightweight cream, almost gel like in texture and sinks into my skin perfectly, I love! My small bottle is from the travel set but it's quite big and will hopefully last quite a while. This is my first time trying Sepai so I will make sure to report back with my thoughts soon.

What have you been loving lately?