Lately I have been loving my iPad and it's continuous form of distraction, Netflix in any shape or form, Ben & Jerry's S'mores flavour ice cream (which I can only get at the cinema for extortionate prices per scoop) and Strawberry Crunch Nakd bars.

Beauty wise I'm taking it easy, I'm feeling a little uninspired in the beauty (and blog) departments, because I'm so preoccupied elsewhere. However I still have to do my daily chores of washing my face and slapping a bit of makeup on my mug so here are some things I've been reaching for lately.. 
First up I was over the moon a few weeks ago when I won a little giveaway over on Ru's blog Short, Small & Sweet. The prize was a few One Love Organics goodies, a brand I have wanted to try for so long now! I've been loving the Brand New Day Scrub & Masque most of all, it makes my skin so soft and is unlike any exfoliator I have ever tried, it's a super fine powder, not gritty at all and doesn't hurt or feel harsh on the skin, I could honestly stand there massaging my face for hours it feels so wonderful.
Another skincare item I've been favouring is the 001 Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner*, I have acquired quite a few toners in the form of mists but this one, being pure lavender flower water is so soothing and calming, plus I just adore anything lavender scented and this is true lavender.

Even if I don't wear makeup I have an urge to line my waterline with blacker than black eyeliner, it's kinda my thing and I don't feel human without it, my current favourite is this Lily Lolo one, it's SO black and SOOO soft, plus it gets a good grip on my waterline and actually sticks around, a strong feat for miss watery eyes over here. I'm quite loyal to a good eyeliner so I'm sure this will be sticking around for a long time. Keeping with the general eye area theme we have a previously unmentioned product, tweezers. I'm the worlds worst eyebrow tamer, I just don't do it. A few weeks ago however I decided maybe I needed to up my game and purchase some proper tweezers, maybe they'll help me out. I used my boots points and came home with these cute Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers.. now I'm not saying I suddenly have amazingly neat brows (never gonna happen) but these really have made an improvement to my life (be it a very minimal one, we're talking about eyebrows people, not kittens).

What have you been loving lately??