My love for all things Calendula is well recorded on this blog. My discovery came in a time of need and it's miraculous help when nothing else had immediately cemented itself in my imaginary hall of fame for life. 

If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or any form of sensitive skin you need a bottle of this stuff in your stash. It's great for inflamed and itchy skin, applied on burns, acne, chapped skin, psoriasis and also perfect to use on babies delicate skin. Really it's a multi-use miracle worker. 
I have the Fushi Organic Calendula Oil  (100ml, £9.15) which is calendula petals that have been left to infuse in Sweet Almond Oil for four months. Sweet almond oil is an excellent carrier oil, it is light, easy to absorb and moisturising while the calendula provides all the wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. 

I picked this up when I'd just discovered I had perioral dermatitis, after thinking it was a very persistant breakout for 6 months and treating it as such! I did as much research as possible, there are a lot of ways to help this kind of condition such as taking starflower oil and switching to a fluoride free toothpaste. Calendula was however something that I saw the most difference with in the shortest amount of time, applied sparingly morning and night those little flaky bumps began to diminish. They didn't full disappear but the area looked so much better in just a few days, and with a combined collection of products and methods to treat my skin it's finally back to normal now. I still suffer from monthly flare ups but I'm not at my wits end trying to deal with this anymore, thank you Calendula!
Seeing as this is such a large bottle I also use it on my body and if I had a bath I'd add it to the water.. but alas I do not. The oil is clear and doesn't smell of anything at all so you can still go and add all the nice smelling potions you want.
I also wanted to mention a few weeks ago I suffered my first reaction to a skincare product, my face was an itchy, blotchy mess within minutes and of course I freaked out! I immediately washed my face and applied a soothing mixture of Calendula Oil & my trusty Pai Combination Skin Cream, within 30 minutes the reaction was barely detectable, all redness had gone! Are you convinced yet??

Will you be trying some skin healing Calendula Oil?