I've noticed an increase in instagrams with sunglasses, sandals and bare legs this last week - and while I remain entirely jealous with my 5 layers plus a coat and scarf here, I'm never ready for bare legs until August, and even then I'm not happy about it. But I sure am happy spring is on the way (except for the bugs that come with it - but I mention that all the time and I'm sure you're sick of my bug phobia). Spring means you do have to actually get a move on and make yourself presentable for those days when *gasp* some skin WILL be shown, it's not ideal but we gotta get stuck in there. 

I'm keeping it simple today with a few picks to get me through this extremely challenging time of year, nothing over the top, nothing to cause pain and definitely nothing to change my skin colour from snow white to oompa loompa. I'm starting with the most outrageous, a foot lotion. I don't think I've ever mentioned feet on the blog before but here we go... Feet are my least favourite body part, toes are gross and cracked heels even more so, feet are best avoided in my opinion. I picked up this Burt's Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion from Boots a few days ago as it was on 3 for 2 and I didn't recall ever giving Burt's Bees much of a try before this. (I also picked up the most beautiful lemon bath & body oil and a ginger & citrus showergel - so many nice smells! Must remember to browse the Burt's Bees section more often). This lotion is super light but doesn't sink in so quickly that you think it hasn't really done anything. My feet feel nice and soft after this with a zingy peppermint feeling (yes, that's a thing). It isn't really cooling like a traditional mint foot lotion, but I suppose that cooling sensation comes from less-than-nice ingredients so I don't mind missing out on it, as long as the cream itself is kept cool there's enough cooling-magic from that. I'm definitely interested in their coconut foot cream now!

Moving on from feet now... I'm always ready to embrace some lighter skincare in warmer weather and have a feeling I will be reaching for The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Gel* a lot more in the coming months. I've been using this on and off for quite a while now but have been choosing richer, more hydrating serums lately as my skin is quite dry. I'm looking forward to testing this more thoroughly so I can actually write something more substantial other than it smells AMAZING, like orange zest. 
I'm usually one to stick with a lip balm until the end, or at least until I get really close to it. I was using my S.W. Basics Cocoa balm but lost it for a week so had to start using this Bare English Balm in Vanilla Coconut, I wasn't too impressed at first but the more I stuck with it the more my lips improved and stayed that way. I have the worst dry chapped lips all. the. time. and this is another lip balm I can add to my must have category for chapped lips (plus that vanilla coconut scent is pretty yummy).

Moving onto spring makeup now and my tried and tested favourite the RMS Beauty 'Un' Powder is making a come-back in warmer weather. Oil, sweat or shine, this stuff fixes it all. It is my summer saviour. I'm not one for "glowing" skin, I just feel sticky, and this silky powder saves the day, smoothes my skin and makes it feel oh so dreamy soft and touchable while keeping that makeup in place. Yes it may be expensive but my pot is still pretty much full with nearly 8 months of use, bargain! 
And lastly I have the ILIA Multi-Stick in Tenderly, a lovely baby pink. This is a new addition that I picked up in the 50% sale at beauty mart last month, after a lot of confusion it went out of stock and I had to wait a few weeks for my order, but I finally have it! I was nervous about the colour as it is very light but blended onto the cheeks this gives the prettiest flush of colour without being garish. I've even dabbed it onto my lips with success, a first for me and a pink lip! I can already tell this is going to get a lot of use in the next few months, it's just too pretty to go unloved!

What are some of your spring beauty picks??