I've been trialing a few bits from S5 Skincare for quite a few months now and wanted to give my opinion on my most used item so far, the Neutralise Cleanser*. For the the past two or three months this cleanser has lived on my bathroom sink or in the shower and I've reached for it nearly everyday, surely that's grounds for a review??

I'll admit at first I dismissed this very quickly because of the sickly sweet smell - a reoccurring theme with all the S5 products I have tried. However I soon got used to the smell the more I used the products (I should note that the fragrance used is natural, it is listed as "Parfum (Natural, Low Allergen Fragrance)" without any further information as to what that parfum actually is? I've had a look on their website but haven't found any other information about the fragrance they use). The Neutralise Cleanser is a light, very runny, yellowish gel, it doesn't foam in the slightest on the skin, you simply rub the gel onto skin and then rinse away. It took me a while to get used to this as I'm used to a few bubbles if the consistency of my cleanser is a gel, however nope, nada, not one little bubble. This isn't bad in any way, my skin still feels clean and refreshed after using this, without that awful dry and stripped feeling some cleansers can leave you with. 
The S5 Neutralise Cleanser is very mild and I've found not suitable for removing makeup, instead I prefer to use it as my morning cleanser as it's quick to use and I can rinse it away with water and not need to dirty an extra muslin cloth. 
I really like that this cleanser is designed for oily sensitive skins as that's a hard combination to find in skincare, often products for oily skin are harsh and stripping, without considering you may have sensitive skin under that oil, making the situation even worse. This S5 number is very soothing on the skin thank's to the main ingredient being Aloe Juice, perfect for irritation and soothing redness. There is also glycerin, a natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin, and the main attraction.. bioactives(?) from extreme ecosystems, Arctic Rhodiala and Sea Mayweed. These plant extracts are supposed to help skin adapt to stress, reduce redness and improve cellular vitality (whatever that means, I'm just a beauty blogger, not a scientist). However there are also some ingredients that I have had to do some googling for as I wasn't familiar with them, these include Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Sodium Benzoate and Benzyl Alchohol. The S5 Neutralise cleanser is certified by ECOCERT 80% organic and 99.62% natural but even so Benzyl Alcohol can be a highly irritating preservative, and the rest seem a bit iffy to me. You can read what they are here on Beauty Bible's A to Z of ingredients, super handy, simple terms to understand. I'm shocked that a simple cleanser needs such complicated ingredients, surely that isn't necessary, but then again I'm not (yet) an expert on these kind of things.

It pains me to be negative about a brand that is seemingly natural but for me this cleanser is far too expensive for what it is and some of the ingredients (even if they are natural) don't sit well with me. It's a shame as I do really like some of their treatment serums, I plan on doing a post on them soon, and their balancing moisturiser has been a firm favourite lately, but this is just one product I am very much on the fence about. 

The S5 Neutralise Cleanser retails for £28 for 200ml and available from BeautyBay, Content Beauty & Wellbeing, & Naturisimo.

*PR Sample