I feel like every month is the same these days, I'm too busy, too stressed and just not feelin' it (and by it I mean life in general). I am very much ready for the next few months to whizz by in a ball of anxiety, stress, panic and whatever else decides to stop by as I attempt to make something of myself and finish my work. This whole degree show nonsense is not cool and I would rather take an exam anyday. Whoever thinks creative courses are easy needs a good slap, being creative every. single. day. is actually really hard work you know. I was really looking forward to the easter holidays coming up in a few weeks but i'm pretty sure most of it will be spent in the studio now! Though I am going to schedule in one or two days for pure sleep and netflix bliss, because what is life without netflix...

As usual here are a few instagrams that make everything seem a little prettier, thank god for filters. I made a cheeky little H&M home order this month as I just had to have that copper basket plus a few other little things, but who can resist when everything seems to be £2.99?? plus I love that you can use two discount codes at once! I had £5 off plus 25% discount making this lot less than £10, amazing! 
I've also been trying to eat well lately, I've made a lot of vegetable soups with rice noodles, tuna or salmon salads plus I'm a bit addicted to kiwi fruit and cherry tomatoes lately. The last image is some of my latest work... a 3D canvas sculpture/drawing thing, I'm not sure what it is but I love it and am currently making one that is 4 or 5 times the size to hopefully be the 'star of the show' in my final work (maybe, it's proving to be very difficult to work so big) It's making me miss good old pen and paper, as canvas that isn't mounted on a frame is such a huge pain to draw on! Hopefully it will all turn out okay as I've had a lot of compliments on people who are walking past my studio space to say they love my drawings! Now if only I could know that they would buy one off of me in the future ;)

No month in review post is complete without my blog sharing space.. even though I don't have much energy to keep up with my bloglovin feed these days there are a few blogs I always make time for.

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