Lately everything has been dry, sahara desert dry. Lips, hands, cuticles, skin, everything is just dry! I'm not used to this, even though my skin has never really been oily it always leaned more that way in the grand scheme of things when choosing my skincare, but in the past couple of months things have been a'changing, and while my skin is still very sensitive and acne prone, it certainly isn't oily. The problem lies with my fussy skin, while the lighter moisturisers I usually pick are not hydrating enough anymore, my skin is still very much against shea butter and coconut oil based products, which leave me greasy and fighting milia left right and centre - ruling out a lot of richer creams I could turn to. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 

For now though I'm layering up my serums and using hydrating masks to get my moisture fix (while obviously upping my water intake too!). A serum I can't sing the praises of enough these past few weeks has been the Osmia Organics Active Gel Toner, it may be named a toner but this is actually a light gel that soothes and hydrates my skin before applying your moisturiser. I dampen my skin with a spray toner and apply this, it feels instantly cooling and I sometimes have to stop myself doing a little sigh of happiness. Incase you didn't know I have been lusting after Osmia Organics for the longest time now, I suffer from random flare ups of perioral dermatitis, and Osmia products have been magically handcrafted by Sarah Villafranco (Osmia Organics' founder) to treat and soothe my suffering as she developed the range to treat her own dermatitis. 
The Active Gel Toner contains aloe, calendula and white tea to soothe plus gotu kola to relieve irritation, rose of jericho to hydrate plus niacinamide (vitamin B3) and hyaluronic acid. All in all it has done wonders for my dermatitis and I am over the moon. I ordered mine from the US as there are no stockists in the UK (yet) but I wouldn't recommend it as shipping plus custom charges made this rather expensive. I would definitely have to wait for a UK stockist to repurchase!

Another Osmia number I'm loving is their Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair, which I received as a little sample with my order. I'm not too keen on the scent but I can't deny that this is a wonderful lip balm for actually repairing your dry/cracked lips, it worked miracles on my sore lips so now I'm saving my little blob for some serious S.O.S situations. 

Next up two base products... firstly we have the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. I heard so many people raving about this so I ordered this sample size from Naturisimo a good couple of months ago now and wasn't impressed as the coverage is beyond minimal. However when the sun started shining last week I was running around looking for SPF and came across this, it contains SPF 30 and after giving it a second chance I can see it evens out my skin tone a little and leaves a nice glowing finish. I have also been really getting into using my RMS Un Cover-up again this past week. I really need to get a move on and use this up as come summer I will have had it a whole year. Instead of using my finger to tap and blend I've started using my Real Techniques contour brush straight in the pot and blending into skin, I find it much easier to blend this way as the colour is usually just a little too yellow toned when applied thickly.

Lastly I have been taking care of those cuticles with my tiny bottle of CND Solar Oil. I'm terrible at looking after my hands and nails sometimes and the Solar Oil is always my saviour with just a few uses getting my nails back on track.

What have you been loving lately?