Serums have to be the most luxe part of my skincare routine, something about applying a serum makes it all just feel a little more special. (incase you didn't already know) Serums are the step between toning and moisturising designed to be a light yet potent treatment to correct certain skin concerns, from pigmentation to dryness. 
I have quite a few serums on rotation but lately I've been loving the beautiful Aurelia Revitalise & Glow Serum* and thought it deserved a review all on it's own.

Aurelia Skincare have been making quite a splash in the beauty blogging world recently, with everyone raving about their miracle cleanser (tried it, totally dreamy) and moisturisers. Aurelia prides itself on a mix of science meets natural ingredients to make luxe formulas with the help of probiotic technology. Every ingredient is ethically sourced and never tested on animals, without any of those nasty ingredients we like to avoid.

The Revitalise & Glow Serum is a light yet creamy serum that sinks into skin very easily, prepping skin for any oil or moisturiser that you apply next. This is like an vitamin booster for your skin, with antioxidents, probiotics and peptides all getting to work to leave skin smooth and glowing. This is a great serum to use if you have dull or dry skin, as it instantly soothes and 'perks up' you face (yes, that's a thing). With Aloe Vera, Milk Proteins, Hibiscus, Baobab and Vitamin E you can be sure you skin is getting an refreshing energy boost in the morning and a dose of soothing moisture in the evening.
My favourite way to use this, or any kind or serum really, is to add a drop of oil into the mix to really ramp up the moisture and help the oil sink in quicker, two birds with one stone. If I add the oil I tend to skip moisturiser (in the evening) so my skin isn't overwhelmed with product and has a chance to breath a little while still staying hydrated. 
But what about the results? I've been using this for around 3 weeks now, at least once a day and have to say my skin really has improved, my skin looks healthier and less blotchy, it still isn't perfect as this isn't a serum designed to treat blemishes or blocked pores but I do think it helps in it's own little way, healing blemishes and scars a little faster and all round keeping my complexion looking fresh. Oh and did I mention it smells ever so dreamy, a fruity floral blend of jasmine, mandarin, tuberose & plumeria oils.

Have you tried anything from Aurelia?