I've been very good recently, I'll start off by saying that. No unnecessary purchases at all (except for some foundation samples and one midi ring, so not exactly breaking the bank #treatyoself), but of course spending my days online means I am forever window shopping and that imaginary basket in my head is overflowing, I'm just due a little bit of spending, y'know?! So here are a few things that have caught my eye lately.

Converse are my go-to shoe, I have quite a few pairs but of course you can't beat classic white chucks. My current pair are very, very old, they're not even white anymore, more grey, brown and a bit blue from my jeans. They have holes in the bottom and the black edging on the side is almost all worn off, talk about loved, worn in converse are the best, but the time comes when they edge past worn in and head over to plain old scruffy ;) Definitely time for a fresh pair. I also think the pale blue shirt from Topshop would go down a treat, it looks very 'classic' for effortless style (something I'm not very good at) though it is way out of my price range at over £40, a bit much for a shirt don't we think? It's not even silk! 
The final piece of clothing is this pretty stripe dress from Joules, I have way too many striped items in my wardrobe (7 I think) but one more wont hurt? I love the denim on the sleeves and the red zip down the back, they totally change the dress. Though perhaps it is maybe just be a little too grown up for me yet? They also have some other beautiful floral dresses, it was hard to pick a favourite! Sticking with the Joules theme, while I was browsing their site I came across this gorgeous floral phone case! I haven't changed my plain old case since I bought my phone so perhaps a new case will make it feel like new again.

I recently discovered the fabulous fashion of midi rings. Usually even the smallest ring sizes in shops don't fit my skinny fingers, but I've discovered medium or large midi rings fit perfectly like normal rings! plus they're so dainty, and don't overwhelm my hands, amazing!! I picked two from Topshop that I like but I know river island have a good selection too.

Finally, some beauty! I have had both of these on my wishlist for the longest time. Especially the Osmia Active Gel Toner, which can help soothe my awful perioral dermatitis. Sarah Villafranco created the line specifically for PD sufferers (as she was one herself) so I've been dying to get my hands on the key products to help my skin. I was actually very close to ordering this a few days ago, I got all the way to filling out my details at checkout when I just had to stop myself, postage is $20! Meaning the order would cost me over £40 for the one item. I keep hoping someone will stock them in the UK before I just give in and pay but we'll see. My final wishlist item is May Lindstrom's Clean Dirt, a dreamy clay cleanser with salts, spices and vitamin C. I've tried a teeny weeny sample and I just can't get it out of my head now, it must become mine <3

What do you think of my wishlist this month?

*Collaborative Post